Rick Fox Debuts On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Season 11 of “Dancing With The Stars” kicked off last night staring former Laker, Celtic, OZ inmate and current Eliza Dushku hoarder Rick Fox paired up with the only dancer on the show I care to know, Cheryl Burke. My knowledge of dancing does not extend past the height of the running man days (although I’ve learned to Dougie recently), but according to the over enthusiastic judges. Rick Fox can really bust out a Viennese Waltz with class. I suppose that’s a good thing in a dancing competition.

As far as retired athlete gigs go, DWTS (as the kids say) ain’t bad work if you can get it either. The base pay all the celebrities receive involved with the show is $200,000 and the winner receives an additional $100,000. Celebrities who placed second and third received additional payments of $50,000 and $25,000.

Wow, I’m amazed people get paid that much to dance and even more amazed that I just wrote that much about Dancing With The Stars.