Steve Nash Just Loves The Healthy

If you live in Vancouver, first of all. Terribly sorry about that nasty bit of Grizzlies business a few years back, it was a raw deal.

Secondly, today if you stumble into Body Energy Club at 946 Davie St. in Vancouver, BC and you think you see Steve Nash working the cash register. Don’t worry, you aren’t deficient in a particular vitamin group that would cause you to hallucinated (probably) and yes, that really is Steve Nash peddling you vitamins and calculating your change.

To promote the Canadian launch of OneBodé wellness supplements. Nash will be working the till at the popular Van City health food store between 10am to 11:30am PST. On the OneBodé website that has Nash featured on the landing page, the best basketball product out of BC explains why he’s down with OneBodé wellness supplements saying.

“I joined the OneBode team because I truly believe in their products. Whether it is for proper digestion, energy or nutritional support that is tailored to my lifestyle, I have found that OneBode has something for everything I need.”

If these supplements have any role in making Nash an acrobat on the court, you better pick up a case of them to dominate your men’s league just to be safe — practicing more probably wouldn’t hurt that much either.