Dennis Rodman Is Rock And Roll

If Dennis Rodman fell into a blender, not only would he transform into a margarita with silver studs. He would also still be able to grab 20 rebounds while guarding a guy that out weighted him by 40 pounds too. As the years go by, things tend to get rougher for the demolition man, but any guy that could survive a relationship Madonna is one tough customer.

Over the weekend, Rodman flexed his tough one more time to prove he still has that rock and roll edge by walking away from a car that rolled three times after the vehicle he was in blew a tire in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Metallica indeed. The driver, was transported to a local hospital and treated for head injuries while Rodman only suffered a small scratch on his finger.

Could anybody else on the NBA top 50 all-time list do that??? Hell naw is the answer you’re looking for. The good samaritans that pulled Rodman from the wreck, later asked for a few autographs when things cooled down and Rodman politely declined. Which was pretty rock and roll too. Keep living the dream my man!