Future Highlights From The Present In Miami

If you live in Miami, last week you fully accepted the fact that 29 other teams think your team is evil. However, if you live somewhere else and like to get your “video game on”, a borderline evil team starring LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade is pure pixel mayhem too sexy to turn your controller away from.

Using NBA 2K10, YouTuber jayarealgoon21 put together a future highlight package from the present of the new sheriffs of Dade County dropping us into his DeLorean for a ride. With the realistic game play of the 2K series, I can totally see some of these highlights happening next season and that’s a bad thing for non-Miami based NBA franchises.

Yes, jayarealgoon did get Chris Bosh’s number wrong, but if he would have been invited to the free agent summit, that little problem could have been rectified lickity split!.