Raps Could Break Up With Bosh Before He Dumps Them

Who are we kidding here? From the moment the Raptors were doomed to miss the playoffs, Chris Bosh was heading somewhere else that doesn’t have HST. The ongoing buzz surrounding Bosh was that a sign and trade would be completed at some point to a) get CB4 paid and to b) give the Raptors some assets to fill the void left by the soon to be former franchise man.

As of late, probably due to the lack of negotiation going on between Bosh and Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, according to ESPN sources Toronto is said to be cooling on the idea of a sign and trade deal with Bosh. If you believe that, then I have some vintage Fu-Schnickens CD’s I’d like to sell you via eBay.

I didn’t think Toronto would try to spin this whole thing into a “I’ll break up with you before you dump me” bit from a Seinfeld episode, but here we are. Toronto needs players like Mariah Carey needs a hits single and a sign and trade would be the best way to get that done.

In the end, if Toronto lets Bosh walk for nothing — cue the Vince Carter and Rob Babcock parallels my good man.