LeBron James Free Agent Song

Titled ‘The LeBronze Age featuring ‘The Ballad of King James’, this song is an allegory about LeBron James’ upcoming free agency decision by Jason Simms and it covers all kinds of LeBronory. From the half court shots, to the dunks, to the pictures and the quotes it’s all here in this LBJ diddy video.

Wanna sing along? The lyrics are after the jump.

The Ballad of King James

Never was a king so entitled to his throne
Known the world over for the glory he brought his home

He made his men better and he almost made them champions
But young was the king with time yet left to rule
So oh what a shame that this king was a fool

His realm was humble, he elevated it
He was a native son, some said a god or a prophet

And though he dripped in gold he dreamt a foolish goal
To be the richest king the world has ever known

To the east he went to see out powerful friends
To the west he went to pose for a camera lens
He promised glory to his people through glory of his own
But when it came time to win glory, the king he wasn’t home

In battle he seemed weary and distraction mired his mind
A championship he needed but a champion he would not be this time

The look in his eye was fierce but his wrath, it was misplaced
His counsel and his men were cast out by his grace
Could his kingdom hold? Or would the king also go?
And leave his land sadder than it was when it raised him.
Oh why oh why must his highness be so high?
The world would be his by and by.
And for his eagerness and avarice would he let his homeland die?