Chris Bosh Talks Some Free Agency

If the way Chris Bosh has dissed the Toronto media is any indication of how he feels about the city that drafted him, that’s a really bad ting star. Continuing his anti-Canuck free agency tour, Bosh was on ESPN sans dreadlocks talking about what it feels like to be a top target for many teams this summer.

Stirring the pot, Mike Greenberg rattled off a bunch of new team scenarios at Bosh to gauge his reaction to the possibility of leaving the T-Dot too. Crazy things happen when large amounts of money hang in the balance so who knows if Bosh will stay in Toronto, but if he ends up keeping his postal code I’ll be shocked. The Raptors refuse to put winning ahead of international marketing opportunities and for that reason alone the chances of keep Bosh are slimmer than Raj from What’s Happening.

Still it’s kinda funny that Bosh has yet to address any of the Toronto media, since he is without a doubt the most recognizable pro athlete in Canada.