Who Is William Wesley?

Over the last few years the name William Wesley has been sprinkled around the interweb and rarely on TV, but who is this guy really? I read a fantastic piece on him by GQ’s Alex French titled ‘Is This the Most Powerful Man in Sports?‘ a few years back and it seems like since that time, no real pieces to the puzzle of what Worldwide Wes really does has turned up. The only consistent theme that keeps popping up about ‘Uncle Wes’ is that he has Juice on a Bishop / Q level.

Henry Abbott of TrueHoop has been on a mission to find out what’s the deal with this guy for about 4 years, and in his recent piece centered around William Wesley. He does a pretty awesome ‘William Wesley for Dummies’ breakdown if you will of everything can share with us about the mysterious man who has Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, John Calipari and LeBron James on speed dial.

The story of how Wes came to be a major player in the basketball world is so much of a Hollywood tale that, that rumors of a Spike Lee biopic of Wesley is out there too. Even without knowing everything about this dude, I would see that movie in a heartbeat. But for know, enjoy the stories Alex French and Henry Abbott put together about Wes and the short video ESPN put together above about the man with friends everywhere.