Outlet Pass: Big Bosh Man, NBA Sofoklis? + Nets

Chris Bosh picked a tough offseason to make a case as “the man.” [Bosh] Bosh isn’t waiting for some summit to determine his landing spot next season. The soon-to-be Toronto Raptors free agent is determined to chart his own course and forge his own identity apart from the star-studded field of peers also entering the open market. “I don’t want to be mentioned as an addition to a team,” Bosh said prior to the season. “I want to be mentioned as the guy that people want to center their team around.” Bosh hasn’t changed that stance, adding recently that he’s making his decision separate from LeBron James or anyone else. … Unlike the situation facing James in Cleveland, Raptors general manager Bryan Colangelo acknowledged that he would be agreeable to a sign-and-trade if a new deal isn’t worked out with Bosh.

The Los Angeles Clippers may finally get a look at their second-round pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. In what amounts to the longest of long-term investments in the NBA, the Clippers’ pick, Sofoklis Schortsanitis will finally make the trip to Los Angeles to potentially sign with the Clippers. Los Angeles has held Schortsanitis’s rights since he was drafted in 2003, but he has been playing for Olympiakos in Greece most recently. Schortsanitis is just 24 years old still, so the Clippershave not necessarily missed out on his most productive years, in fact, they may have gotten a prospect without the price of development.
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A Monday workout could lock down in the mind of the Nets front office what to do with their No. 3 pick. Forward or center? Georgia Tech power forward Derrick Favors or Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins? Favors and Cousins are scheduled to work out against each other this morning in East Rutherford, and that private workout should help theNets decide which choices to make with the third overall pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft. Assuming Kentucky’s John Wall and Ohio State’s Evan Turner go 1-2, Favors, whose athleticism reminds observers of a young Antonio McDyess, remains the leader for the Nets at No. 3 — unless Cousins annihilates him today.
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