LeBron James Goes Lefty At The Line

With 7.2 seconds left in Game 5 of the Bulls versus Cavaliers series, LeBron James stepped to the line and hit one of two to make it 92-96 for Cleveland.

This of course would have been a regular event had LeBron not shot the second free throw with his off-hand, but he did and people went crazy wondering what happened to LeBron’s LeArm and LBJ stock went into a free fall for a few hours.

In the post game presser, James said his shooting arm went numb and that was why he had to shoot lefty.

However, I call straight up shenanigans!

This was supposed to be Michael Jordan from the free throw line with his eyes closed 2.0 and a nice clip for one of his endorsers to use while they tried to sell us sneakers or something with electrolytes in it.

LeBron is built like a tank and the reason he’s seldom hurt — is because he’s built like a freakin’ tank. I don’t buy for a second that within the span of 3 seconds, all of a sudden his arm was so injured he couldn’t bare to lift it again.

The playoff grim reaper was waiting for the Chicago Bulls by the time he stepped to the line and everybody knew it. LeBron just figured he’d get some good post season footage from the free throw line to pad his free agent price this summer.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking the exact same thing, so I decided to say it for us both.