Your Straw Kung Fu Is Strong Caron Butler

Caron Butler of the Mavs enjoys himself a good McDonald’s straw like former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill enjoyed himself a good Romeo y Julieta cigar.

Until the league fun police stepped in to stop Butler from chewing straws during games this season. Tough Juice was a serial in-game straw chewer for years, to calm his nerves and because chewing gum is like sooooo 80’s.

However, it’s gotta be a McDonald’s straw due to their rich plastic taste and unmatched texture — of course.

Butler now only saves the habit for the sidelines, but his straw kung fu remains strong. How strong? Well, when challenged with a blindfolded straw taste test. Butler easily picks the McDonald’s one out of 15 in front of him. Now that’s strong grasshopper!

His sensei would be proud.