When Starbury And MSG Security Meet

Ever try recording a movie — at the movie theatre? Well apparently, while that type of thing is frowned upon in the movie industry. It’s a-o-kay at a Knicks game to record live action if you’re sitting in the correct seat and your name is Stephon Marbury.

According to Garden security sources, Marbury held a ticket for a seat in Row A, the second row off the court. But instead, he took a courtside seat, in Row AA, near Spike Lee’s regular seat, across from the Knicks’ bench.

Before Marbury was asked to relocate to his correct seat by MSG toy cops, he was recording the game and at one point stood up restricting others behind him from seeing the action as he got his Martin Scorsese on. Upset by the mix up, Marbury bounced from Madison Square Gardens entirely.

I love the fact that recording a game while sitting courtside is of lesser concern, than sitting in the right seat. Yup, the Knicks run a real tight ship from top to bottom.

via NY Daily News