Kobe: You’re Not Dunking On Me At My Camp

The controversy surrounding the Jordan Crawford dunk on LeBron James at King James’ camp, that Nike refuses to let get into public circulation won’t die! Kobe Bryant has his own camp and before it started every camper received a post card and was asked to write down a question to Kobe Bryant. Marco Smith’s question was “When am I going to get my 1 on 1 game?” Kobe said “I never back down on a challenge” and gave Marco Smith wish.

Before the game started Kobe Bryant told the kid, “You’re not dunking on me at my camp!” Ouch! That was cold blooded — and hilarious! Just let the tape free LeBron, somehow I feel you’ll survive and still be able to make a living after it’s released. C’mon man!

Check out Kobe Bryant and 14-year oldĀ Marco Smith’s one-on-one battle after the jump.