Legendary: Kenny Smith Still Owns The Magic

The last time the Orlando Magic made it to the NBA finals the Houston Rockets owned them, like this guy owns the police. Sweeping the series in four straight games, becoming the first team in NBA history to win the championship as a sixth seed, and the first to beat four 50-win teams in a single postseason en route to the championship.

In game one of the NBA Finals, with the Magic up by three late in the game. Nick Anderson, typically a 70% free throw shooter, missed four consecutive free throws that could have sealed the victory for Orlando. Kenny Smith then hit a three-pointer for Houston, tying the game and sending it to overtime. The Rockets went on to win the game in overtime and eventually swept the Magic, winning their second consecutive NBA Championship. As a result some Orlando fans began to call Nick Anderson “Nick the Brick” and “Brick Anderson”.

14 years later, Kenny Smith though he would remind Nick Anderson of that ¬†nightmare by reenacts his 3-point performance against the Magic in the 1995 finals. Why? Because it’s funny and Kenny “Jet” Smith still has a silky smooth jumper.

The original moment after the jump, with dramatic music and Nick Anderson and Kenny Smith talking about that night.