Hold The Curry?

There is no promise from the Knicks, Stephen Curry’s father said, but the Davidson star would be “a perfect fit” for Mike D’Antoni’s system. “I think any point guard would love to play for the Knicks and the system they have,” Dell Curry said Tuesday in a phone interview with Newsday. “The freedom he gives guys offensively to make plays and looking at how Stephen’s game is, I think it would be a perfect fit. But there’s several teams around the league I think would also fit that bill.” Curry, who played 14 seasons in the NBA, Tuesday shot down an Internet-based rumor that said the Knicks promised they’d draft his son if they remained in the No. 8 overall slot. “I don’t know where that came from,” Curry said. “I’ve never spoken to Donnie Walsh at all. Stephen doesn’t have an agent, so that’s news to me. That definitely wasn’t the reason for Stephen leaving school. I don’t know how you can guarantee anybody stuff this early. The lottery results haven’t even come out. That was surprising. There’s no truth to it on my end.”

New York Newsday