Outlet Pass: Tat Stats, Shaq-Wade Beef + Rudy’s OK

“The category that everyone seems to love is the tattoos of NBA players. When the game starts, me and other members of my stat team at the Sixers games check out the opposing players as they wipe their feet on the traction mat in front of the scorer’s table to see how many tattoos they have. We do the same when the subs enter the game as well.

At halftime, since we’re not sure that everybody is going to play, we go to the team’s trainer and ask about the guys who haven’t played and whether or not they have any tattoos and how many. The trainer will then tell us. This way, we don’t miss anybody.”
Harvey Pollack’s interview


“Last week’s frostiness between Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’Neal did not surprise their friends, with one noting that Shaq last year e-mailed to people a Photoshopped picture of Wade’s face on a woman’s body.”
Miami Herald


“Marcus Williams is finally being waived/bought out. Not sure why this didn’t happen earlier, since Nellie had clearly written Williams off back in training camp, and his roster spot could’ve been used to evaluate other guys or keep their own (ie Richard Hendrix or DeMarcus Nelson).”
SF Gate


“The Blazers confirmed that Rudy Fernandez was released from a Portland hospital Tuesday afternoon as expected. The diagnosis — bruised chest and a right hip pointer — remains the same and Fernandez is listed as doubtful for Wednesday’s game against the Mavericks. If you read my earlier post outlining Sergio Rodriguez’ post-practice comments, however, you understand that should read “highly doubtful.” Rodriguez said a doctor told Fernandez that he would “be fine in a week.”
Oregonian Blog 


“Bryan Colangelo says Raptors coach Jay Triano was “dealt a bad hand” this season, with injuries and a change of gears with a mid-season trade, but he’s not ready to make a call on bringing him back. The issue was raised at practice yesterday when Triano began talking about using the setbacks from this year — a record of 15-32 since Sam Mitchell was fired — to better himself as a coach and the Raptors as a team, at training camp in the autumn.”
Toronto Sun