Freshly Dipped: LBJsayBigMO>Jameer

I already had my say about who was snubbed from this years All-Star game with this list, but LeBron James believes that Mo Williams should have been an All-Star too,  so instead of creating a list LeBron James and Nike made a shoe to protest. Dubbed the LBJsayBigMO>Jameer, James plans on wearing this sneaker to the All-Star game and not get passes from Jameer Nelson.

Here’s what LeBron had to say about the snubbage.

“It just shows the disrespect that basketball in Cleveland continues to get. I haven’t seen the All-Star list yet, so I can’t comment on who’s in it. But it’s definitely disrespectful that we continue to do work every year with nothing to show for it. “We all believe that Mo’s an All-Star and the reason we’ve had the best record in the NBA right now. Mo’s a big part of our team. Just look at the wins and losses from last year to this year with really only one addition – Mo Williams.”

I don’t know if James will wear these kicks All-Star weekend, but it’s clear the King definitely has Mo’s back!

Via Didn’t Draw Iron