WAG’s: Masha Kirilenko Talks With SI

Yesterday, Andrei Kirilenko and his wife Masha sat down with Chris Mannix of SI, and discussed Sloan, being a sixth man and not being Doug and Jackie Christie. She’s hot, allows Andrei to sleep with a different girl once a year, and supports her man like a mutha! Andrei must be the happiest man with one wife in Utah!

“Kirilenko’s wife, Masha, though, has her own opinions. A singer (the video for her 2002 hit single, Saharniy — which translates loosely to sugary — quickly rocketed to No. 1 on MTV Russia) with brains (she holds an undergrad degree in foreign languages and a masters in art) and ambition (in addition to running her husband’s charitable foundation, she recently opened her own clothing boutique), Masha rarely misses a home game. When Andrei is on the bench, she’ll mouth — in Russian — anything from I love you to postgame dinner plans. When Andrei is in the game, he’ll often turn to her and shout in Russian after a significant play. They’re not quite ready to replace Doug and Jackie Christie as the NBA’s first couple of idiosyncratic communications, but Masha is, safe to say, a full partner in Andrei’s career.”