Top 5: Ways To Get Marbury To Play

At this point it might be easier to get a kid to eat brussel sprouts and liver than it is to get Marbury in a game for the New York Knickerbockers.  No fear Knick big wigs! Here are the Top 5 sure fired ways to get Marbury back on the court in New York City.

5. Threaten to bring in Jamel Thomas to play ahead of Marbury. However, this could back fire and may put Marbury in a “postal” state that could harm everybody within semi-automatic range at Madison Square Garden.

4. Tell Marbury that you’ll lock him up for several days in a cage with Eddy Curry and no food.  Not ending up dinner is great motivation!

3. Hire notorious guard taunter Kevin Garnett to taunt him off the bench on Celtic off days, in these tough economic times extra dollars could even help KG

2. Knicks management agrees to buy the 100,000 skids of Starbury sneakers, Steph currently has in his basement and garage that prohibits the Bentley and pool table from having an indoor home.

1. Tell Marbury that every time he refuses to enter a game, a puppy somewhere will be killed.  Simple, effective and who doesn’t like puppies.  Imagine the headlines,”Marbury refuses to play, 11 puppies die” or
“Puppy killer-bury, strikes again”. Even Michael Vick would shake his head on this one.