All NBA Players Will Receive An Extra $25K

Being an NBA player just got sweeter today! The players’ association has given word that all players will receive an extra $25K in the mail because of the success of the jersey sales of the leagues marquee players . With news of the extra cheque, Domino’s Pizza has now placed themselves on high alert for a future massive Eddy Curry order after he receives this “snack cheque”.

“Derek Fisher, the president of the players’ association, said dues were raised from $5,000 to $10,000 per player. He said players were aware that Kevin Garnett, Bryant, James and Allen Iverson had the top four selling jerseys last season, respectively, but still were a part of the union.

“The good part about it I think — at least for most guys — is that it’s evenly distributed,” Fisher said. “If it wasn’t evenly distributed, you’d have some guys who would probably get zero. We recognize that our star players, they carry the load, in terms of the face of our game and the jersey sales that go on. So we’re appreciative of the fact that they’re in it too.”

Los Angeles Times