Amare Has Been Watching Soccer

This kinda flopping would get Amare Stoudemire a red card in any soccer league, unless Tim Donaghy moves to soccer! I can’t believe Vlade Divac let Stoudemire graduate from the “Vlade Divac Big Man Flop Institute” with this piss poor execution! Divac must have been crushing cigarette packs as he rolling over with disgust on his living room floor watching this footage.

Amare went down like he got a headbutt to the chest, a flare thrown at him and had fireworks launched at him (crazy) at the same time ..yes, freakin’ fireworks!!!

My condolences go out to Jeff Foster’s family; at least he went out playing the game he loved…What? You mean he survived that dunk…and he’s alive…HOLY SH#T!!!

Via Bens Suns Blog