The Arts: The Real Golden State Warrior

From the very creative minds over at Garbage Time All-Stars,  the literal interpretation of the Golden State Warrior mascot is born. It makes way more sense than “Thunder” who really should be named “Lighting” anyway.  Thunder is the sound made by lightning and “Thunder” the mascot doesn’t talk.  Plus, the Golden State Warriors jersey’s have lightning bolts all over them.  

But even more importantly, they should ditch “Thunder” because this mascot is straight kick @ss! 

Or in what would be a ground breaking deal, I say the Warriors trade “Thunder” and a graphic designer (with non crappy logo design skill) to Oklahoma City in exchange for a lifetime supply of Sonic Drive-In burgers for all road games and one of those high-end stereo’s guys driving around in panel vans try to sell you in the mall parking lot.