Jay-Z Finally Speaks On Stevenson Dis Track

Jay-Z  sat down with VIBE magazine to discussed his dis/motivational track “Blow The Whistle” about the on court feud between LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson that sparked when the Cavaliers and Wizards met in the playoffs this year. Stevenson claimed to the media that LeBron James is overrated, prompting James to say that he wouldn’t return the insult, as that would be “almost like Jay-Z  responding to a negative comment made by Soulja Boy.”   

It was at this point Jay-Z responded on behalf of LeBron James about the overrated comment made by Deshawn Stevenson with the “Blow The Whistle” track. Soulja boy then got involved, but that story is like a tale of the man that brought a pebble to a machine gun fight. Here’s what Jay-Z had to say about the whole thing.

“I had no intention to talk about the DeShawn Stevenson thing,” Jay-Z said in an interview with Vibe. “I seen him beatin’ the [expletive] out of LeBron, and he really couldn’t do nothing. I really wanted to inspire [LeBron]. I sent him the [“Blow The Whistle (freestyle)”]. The song wasn’t to be released.”

“I sent him the song to get him amped up. I do [expletive] like that. I hit him on the BlackBerry all the way through the playoffs. There’s a big trail of e-mails that we have where I’m almost like a coach on the sidelines for him ’cause…that’s my little brother! I’m giving him advice, even outside of ‘Take the ball to the elbow and shoot.’ The psychology of what’s going on: That’s my role in his life.”

Washington Post