Should the Celtics Deal Pick?

The Celtics are propelling toward the top of the lottery, but Paul Pierce

“I know how people are thinking with us maybe getting a high pick and all that, but I really don’t look at it like that,” said Pierce. “I don’t put my faith in the draft. I don’t count on landing the No. 1 or No. 2 pick, which everybody is hoping for. It’s hit or miss either way, whether you make trades or whether you draft. Everything is a gamble.

“My thing is to go out there and play every night and for guys to develop and get better. I want the guys we already have to get better. Everything else is a gamble, and if you really want to get better, I think you have to do that through trades and through veterans.

“I’ve never seen a team grow just from draft picks. If you look at all the guys we have, they’re all first, second, third and fourth-year guys. You’re not going to be able to financially keep everybody.” thinks that they should deal the pick.

Boston Herald