AK 47, AKA Thin Ice

Larry Miller, owner of the Jazz, said Andrei Kirilenko is “putting himself on thin ice” with inconsistent play and complaints about his role on the team.

Miller said he cringes during some of Kirilenko’s jump shots.

“I’d almost like to call his bluff, say ‘OK, automatically we’re going to leave you out there. You’re going to take 20 shots a night five games in a row. And then we’ll see,’ ” Miller told radio station 1280 AM.

“That would resolve the issue,” Miller said Thursday. “He’s either going to make them or he’s not.”

After a meeting with coaches Tuesday, Kirilenko said he sometimes doesn’t feel like he’s on the floor.

“I just go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and I go to sleep,” he said.

USA Today